Physical Fitness And Survival

Survival Tactical Systems knows the importance of the mind and body connection.

As a former Special Operations veteran-owned and operated company, we can tell you first hand how crucial physical fitness is to survival. This week we connected with Jeff Nichols, Navy SEAL (ret) – From Virginia High Performance.
Jeff, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), graduated from Troy University with a BS in Exercise Physiology. From there, he became an Assistant Strength Coach for Troy University for 18 months before joining the Navy in October 2002. Jeff is a retired navy seal. During his time in the service, he was the Active Duty Human Performance Department Head. Jeff is currently an Exercise Physiologist for 2XU & Founder of VHP in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Jeff spoke with us about physical fitness, stress, recovery, and body mechanics.

Whether you are lifting 500lbs, experiencing domestic instability, or on the front lines of battle, to your body, STRESS is STRESS. You can train your body to work and cope with high levels of stress for survival, but your body will begin to deteriorate if you aren’t getting the proper nutrition, rest, and recovery. Whether you are a special skills operator or a civilian trying to protect your family, NOTHING is more important than being prepared for ANYTHING.

At Survival and Tactical Systems it is our goal to make sure everyone is better prepared for life. We offer basic pistol, tactical pistol, transition, and tactical rifle courses, as well as survival and first responder medical training.

We offer corporate team building events, North Carolina concealed carry permit courses, and private instruction. Stay tuned for more workouts to focus on your mind and body connection and prepare yourself for life. Keep up with specials we offer on range and survival gear, SWAG packages, optics, and equipment.

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